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Paraben Fact Finder Stick

Paraben's Fact Finder Stick was designed for those going through any type of civil litigation to be able to collect valuable digital evidence. This device can either do a general collection gathering data that are the primary areas of interest in civil divorce litigation or you can go through a series of questions and answers to create a custom collection of digital data.

The Fact Finder Stick is designed to run on a Windows operating system and comes with a FREE analysis or review tool Evidence Reviewer. You can sit with your attorney to review the data and determine if you need to hire a full forensic examiner for your case. Save yourself the time and money by doing an initial examination with the Fact Finder Stick.

The Fact Finder Stick is designed with all the same rules in mind as a forensic tool used by law enforcement in their examinations so rest assured that your data is correct and sound.

The standard version is the Fact Finder Stick and does not include the needed external storage for the data to be collected to.

Please Note: You must have a removable drive for storing collected evidence. Complete forensic examinations of computers can take days. The Fact Finder Stick may take over 24 hours to analyze an entire system depending on your selections.

  • Recovers Deleted Data - Recovers files deleted from a computer such as documents, pictures, MP3s, and more
  • Examines iPhone Backup Data - iPhone backups contain most user data stored on a phone and can hold a treasure trove of information
  • Pornography Detection - Scans pictures and videos for pornographic content
  • Internet History - View internet history and cache files
  • Keyword Searches - Search for names or other keywords to gather documents and files containing specific words or phrases
  • Targeted Investigations - You can choose to look at chat logs, financial files, and more
  • Review Like a Professional - Once data is gathered, you can review it and create reports using the same Evidence Reviewer platform as computer forensic examiners
How it Works
  • Plug your Fact Finder Stick into your PC
  • Plug in your own removable hard drive where evidence will be stored
  • Run the FactFinderStickLauncher.exe software from the Fact Finder Stick USB drive
  • Choose the areas of your investigation and collect data
  • Review the collected data in the included review tool
  • System Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
  • Removable drive for storing collected evidence
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