Phone Copier


Transfer contacts, messages, photos and other data to a new phone with just a few clicks

Phone Copier will transfer phonebook, messages, photos and other data between newest Android or iPhone and almost any other phone including even old feature phones.

No more hassle with transferring your data to your new phone

Buying a new phone can be an exciting thing but the process of transferring all the valuable content into a new phone is not so exciting. It can actually be quite a headache, especially if you are transferring across brands. Phone Copier is not only able to copy your precious data from one brand to another but it also intelligently places all the data in the right places so the phone is ready for complete enjoyment.

Extremely easy to use

Just run Phone Copier on your PC and then connect both phones to the USB port via cable. Automatic detection recognizes both phones within seconds. Choose from contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, organizer and apps. Phone Copier utilizes a completely new way to transfer all data intelligently in the fastest possible way.

10 years of development and 5000 phones physically analyzed

The Phone Copier can help migrate data from thousands of different phones. It has been instilled with our incomparable know-how in the area of phone management software that we have developed over the last 10 years. We have analyzed and developed support for almost all phones from all manufacturers.

Software used by military forces

Our technology of extracting data and understanding hundreds of different protocols is what led the US Military, FBI, CIA, IRS and police departments in over 75 different countries to rely on our expertise for their forensic software and now you can have this expertise available for use in your company.

Don’t sell empty phones!

Without any data a phone is just a piece of hardware. The most precious thing in any phone is the content. Your contacts, messages, photos, music and videos. Connect your customer with their memories and they will remember you.

Efficient Self-serve Setup

Our application is so easy to use that you can let the customer do it themselves at a self-serve kiosk. You will be providing a more complete service to your customers with no additional employee time required to deploy it. Staff can remain focused on their normal responsibilities such as selling more phones and now they will have an extra benefit to offer to help close those sales.

Purely Software-based Transfer Solution

Our extensive phone expertise has allowed us to create the only complete transfer solution that requires no hardware. This means lower costs for your company with no requirement to spend money on hardware or shipping.

Alternatively give your customers a home tool

One other advantage of a purely software-based solution is that you can supply your users with a license for the home version of Phone Copier for those that would prefer to take care of it at home. Our PC Suite MOBILedit can also be provided in this way if the user is interested in more phone data management features than just phone copying. MOBILedit allows complete control of your phone data so you can add, edit, delete, synchronize or back up anything you would like.

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