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Ultima Box Motorola
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Price: 311.88 USD
Ultima Box can execute any user code written in Pascal. This is unique solution so far in electronic devices market. It can now support most of Motorola phones and world feature are support for RSA lock remove from phone without computer usage !

  • Read/Write USB Flash disk
  • Send/Receive data over UART port
  • Send/Receive data over USB port

    What does this means in practice? Ultima Box is capable to communicate with any electronic device which has either USB or RS232 comunication protocol enabled. In short, Ultima Box can work with all devices which have a simple connector.

    Motorola plugin features:

  • Direct unlock all LTE and Neptune based models, up to 08.0A bootloader. 08.0A and higher via test point.
  • Direct unlock all LTE2 based models (V360, V7, U6) using test points. In future posible direct unlock without opening.
  • Direct unlock all 3G Motorolas, with Micron and Intel flash chips, without opening up to bootloader version, higher via test point. No mater of FW version.
  • Higher bootloader versions, via test point.

  • Ultima Box is capable to relock motorola phones, too.
  • This is only device which can unlock RSA enabled Motorola phones without using PC based software.

    Backup operations
  • It is possible to backup/restore any part of phone memory, including full flash backup, or only PDS zone.

  • Read/Write Firmware
  • Read/Write Lang pack
  • Read/Write Flex

  • PDS repair on most models, using full flash and repair script.
  • Bootloader repair, 0x1DE, 0xDAB and other nasty error messages produced by partial or permanent damage in boot or PDS zone

    The key features:
  • Unlock time is 2 seconds for most models,
  • No need to open phones to flash language pack,
  • Fully standalone PDS Repair functions, no need for internet connection,
  • Turbo flashing speed - You can change language in Motorola phones for 25 seconds now,
  • No dead boxes after update (even after failed update, the box has special auto recovery mode)
  • First box with unlock support for LTE2 platform Motorola phones ! (V360, L7, V3i, V3r, V235, K1 KRZR)
  • First box with PDS Repair support for V3r and V235 Motorola phones,
  • Over 120GB of valuable files available in Turbo Support area,

  • The Ultima Box enables You to perform following operations on Motorola mobile phones:
  • Remove operator lock (unlock any Motorola phone)
  • Repair "Contact Service Provider"
  • Remove RSA protection
  • Repair "SW Version: Not Found" , "SW Version: FUCK_YOU_ZULEA"
  • Repair "Critical Error"
  • Upgrade/Downgroade Bootloader
  • Change language pack

  • The MotoRocker for Ultima Box enables You to perform following operations:
  • Read/Write Bootloader Area
  • Read/Write Language pack Area (without opening phones - first in the world!)
  • Read/Write PDS Area
  • Read/write Panic Area
  • Read/Write Full Backup (16MB, 32MB, 64MB)
  • Unlock all supported models
  • Repair PDS on all supported models, including Motorola L7 iTunes (first in the world)
  • Decustomisaton
  • Repair any software problem caused by other softwares
  •   MotoRocker for Ultima Box is fully standalone software, which DOES NOT require internet connection for unlocking or PDS Repair. This is the first software supporting all new phones, which works as standalone.

      Following Motorola models are supported currently with Ultima Box :

  • Motorola A630
  • Motorola A830
  • Motorola A835
  • Motorola A845
  • Motorola A920
  • Motorola A925
  • Motorola C380
  • Motorola C385
  • Motorola C390
  • Motorola C450
  • Motorola C450L
  • Motorola C550
  • Motorola C650
  • Motorola C651
  • Motorola C975
  • Motorola C980
  • Motorola E1000
  • Motorola E1070
  • Motorola E370
  • Motorola E375
  • Motorola E378i
  • Motorola E380
  • Motorola E396
  • Motorola E398
  • Motorola E550
  • Motorola E1 ROKR
  • Motorola E770v
  • Motorola V3
  • Motorola V3b (R37A )
  • Motorola V3r
  • Motorola V3iTunes
  • Motorola V3i
  • Motorola V3x
  • Motorola V3x Refresh
  • Motorola V80
  • Motorola V180
  • Motorola V186
  • Motorola V188
  • Motorola V190
  • Motorola V191
  • Motorola V195
  • Motorola V220
  • Motorola V226
  • Motorola V235
  • Motorola V300
  • Motorola V303
  • Motorola V330
  • Motorola V360
  • Motorola V360v
  • Motorola V400
  • Motorola V500
  • Motorola V505
  • Motorola V525
  • Motorola V525M
  • Motorola V535
  • Motorola V547
  • Motorola V545
  • Motorola V550
  • Motorola V557
  • Motorola V551
  • Motorola V600
  • Motorola V620
  • Motorola V635
  • Motorola v975
  • Motorola V980
  • Motorola v1050
  • Motorola V1075
  • Motorola V1150
  • Motorola U6PEBL
  • Motorola L2
  • Motorola L6
  • Motorola L7SLVR
  • Motorola L7iTunes
  • Motorola K1 KRZR
  • Motorola V3r R3443U2
  • Motorola V3t R3443H3
  • Motorola V3t R3443U5
  • Motorola Z3 RIZR

  • Technical info:
  • 90x62x26 mm size
  • 96x64 px Graphical LCD
  • 5 ways Joystick
  • Reset & Enter keys
  • 2x USB A ports
  • 1x RS232 port
  • 5v power supply

    Sales package contains:
  • Ultima Box device
  • 2x Motorola USB cables
  • 1x Power cable
  • 1x USB drive
  • Ultima Box server account
  • Free access to Turbo Support

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