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  • Difference is only in cable sets - please see a list at the bottom of this page
NS PRO - This is A Full Samsung Unlock / Service Package and comes complete with Smartcard installed in the box, and a full RJ45 cable pack. This new service device and smart card gives added connectivity and secure access to updates online. NS Pro is the most professional Samsung software on the market and supported by the most reliable team, NS TEAM.
New enhanced security protection is implemented to assure investment protection. NS PRO utilizes the latest smartcard security technology to insure a secure long term investment.
NS PRO also implements a server authentication as an additional protection measure and increase level of customer service by providing regular update through the server. The server also provides instant broadcasting news for all customers. This way, software can be updated on time.
Safe and super fast Zxxx flashing will be supported and NS PRO is the first to implement this feature. Several new models are added to the supported list. Automatic Bluetooth ID calculation and rebuilding IMEI. Auto-power/Auto-ignition phone by the box. All phones must be connected without battery (except Zxxx phones). Many features which will be available soon.

List of updates:
23.01.2010 05:00
NsPro v5.6.0
Added i5700, B5702, C3212, C5212, E1160 support.

08.12.2009 17:05
NsPro v5.5.8
Added A897, B3410, S5510, S6700, S6700T, E1130B, E2130, C280, F266 support.

07.11.2009 07:01
nspro v5.5.7
Added B3210, B3310, C3060, M2510, M2513, E1080T support.


-New and very easy to use software GUI
-Alphabetical phone model selection
-Displays information about required cable on selecting phone model
-Automatic flash file selection for Sysol,Swift and Zxxx flashing
-Autopower/Autoignition phone by the box.
-Informs user if phone must be connected With or Without battery
-High speed communication with phone saves you time
-Read info from all supported models
-Read All unlock codes: NCK,MCK,NSCK,SCK,PCK,etc...
-Direct (Fast) Unlock All type of Locks
-Re-Lock a Samsung phone to a network
-High speed Flashing
-Super fast USB flashing mode available for Agere phones
-Safe and Super fast Zxxx flashing
-Rebuilding IMEI (only for repair purpose)
-Bypass MSL security on new phones for rebuild IMEI
-Automatic Bluetooth ID calculation after Rebuilding IMEI
-Repair all software faults
-Repair 'Phone freeze'
-Repair 'Phone locked return for servicing' & 'Wrong Card'
-Repair permanently blocked phones (0 unlock code counter)
-Repair damaged NV/NVM/EEPROM
-Service jobs (WAP/Media/MMS/etc... resets)
-Automatic login to support area from NsPro software
-Online update and upgrades of Smart Card
-Use flash files in original format
-Instant broadcasting service for anouncing new software releases.
-Periodic online Smart Card integrity check
-Possibility to use NsPro box as universal box with UFSx cables(pinout)

Supported Phones:
  • A117, A177, A127, A137, A237, A256, A257, A401, A411, A412, A426, A437, A501, A516, A517, A637, A657, A701, A706, A707, new A707C, A711, A717, A727, A736, A737, A747, A766, A767, A777, A800, A837, A867, A877, A887, A897
  • B100, B100i, B110, B110L, B130, B130S, B200, B210, B220, B270, B270i, B300, B310, B320, B460, B500, B510, B520
  • B2100, B2700, B3210, B3310, B3410, B5702, B7320
  • C100, C108, C110, C120, C130, C140, C160, C160L, C160M, C161, C166, C170, C180, C200, C210, C216, C225, C230, C240, C250, C260, C260B, C275, C280, C300, C400, C417, C420L, C426, C450, C500, C506,
  • C3010, C3050, C3060, C3110, C3212, C5212, C5220, C5510, C6620, C6625
  • D100, D307, D347, D357, D407, D410, D415, D428, D488, D500, D500E, D508, D510, D520, D550, D600, D610, D710, D720, D730, D780, D800, D807, D820, D830, D840, D880, D900, D900E, D900i, D980
  • E100, E105, E1110, E116, E200, E200E, E210, E215, E217, E230L, E236, E250, E250D, E250i, E250V, E251, E300, E310, E315, E316, E317, E318, E320, E330, E335, E340, E350, E356, E360, E370, E380, E390, E400, E418, E420, E480, E490, E500, E530, E560, E570, E590, E600, E610, E620, E630, E635, E640, E650, E690, E700, E710, E715, E720, E730, E740, E746, E750, E760, E770, E780, E790, E800, E810, E820, E830, E840, E850, E860, E870, E880, E890, E900, E910, E950
  • E1070, E1075, E1080, E1080T, E1085, E1100, E1100T, E1105T, E1117, E1120, E1125, E1130B, E1160, E1210S, E1310, E1310M, E1360B, E1410, E2100B, E2120, E2130, E2210B, E2510
  • F110, F200, F210, F250, F265L, F266, F275, F300, F330, F400, F480, F480i, F480L, F490, F700
  • G400, G600, G800,
  • i200, I300, I300x, I310, I320, i450, I505, i550, i560, I600, I607, I617, I627, i637, I700, I750, i780, i900, i907
  • i5700, i6220, i7500, i8510, i8910
  • J150, J165L, J200, J210, J400, J600, J600 new version, J600e, J610, J630, J700, J700i, J750, J770, J800
  • L170, L310, L400, L600, L700, L760, L770, L770V, L810
  • M110, M130L, M140, M150, M200, M300, M310, M600, M610, M620
  • M2310, M2510, M2513, M2710, M3200, M3510, M7500, M7600, M8800
  • Nxxx, N700, N710
  • P100, P180, P200, P207, P220, P250, P260, P300, P310, P400, P510, P518, P520, P520 ARMANI, P705, P710, P720, P730, P735, P738, P777, P850, P900, P906, P910, P920, P960,
  • Rxxx
  • S100, S105, S200, S300, S300M, S341i, S342i, S400i, S401i, S410i, S500, S500i, S501i, S720i, S730i
  • S3030, S3100, S3110, S3310, S3500, S3500i, S3500V, S3600, S3650, S5050, S5200, S5230, S5230W, S5233, S5233A, S5233S, S5510, S5600, S5600T, S5600V, S6700, S6700T, S7220, S7330, S7350, S8300, S8300T
  • T100, T108, T109, T119, T209, T219, T219s, T229, T239, T309, T319, T329, T339, T349, T429, T459, T469, T509, T519, T559, T609, T619, T629, T639, T649, T659, T719, T729, T749, T809, T819, T919, T929
  • U100, U300, U600, U600B, U600G, U700, U700B, U700V, U800, U900, U900L
  • V100, V200, V820L
  • X100, X105, X120, X138, X140, X150, X156, X160, X160B, X200, X210, X300, X400, X426, X427, X430, X450, X460, X461, X466, X475, X478, X480, X481, X486, X490, X495, X497, X500, X507, X510, X520, X530, X540, X550, X566, X576, X600, X610, X620, X630, X636, X640, X650, X660, X670, X680, X680N, X700, X770, X800, X810, X820, X830, X830N, X900
  • Z100, Z105, Z107, Z110, Z130, Z140, Z150, Z170, Z230, Z240, Z240e, Z300, Z310, Z320, Z330, Z350, Z360, Z370, Z400, Z500, Z510, Z520, Z540, Z550, Z560, Z600, Z620, Z650, Z700, Z710, Z720, new Z720M, ZV10, ZV30, ZV40, ZV50, ZV60, ZM60, ZX10, ZX20
    Update: NsPro v5.6.0
  • LG : U8150, U8210, U8290
  • Sanyo : S750, S750i

Package Content:
  • NsPro Box
  • Cables - please choose correct product version
  • Fast server for download
  • 6 months waranty for Ns Pro Box
  • 12 months free software update

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