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Universal Box 4.0 BASIC + GSM CDs

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Price: 56.86 USD

Please download the newest USR software for your Universal Box 4.0 on SIMLOCK.GSM-SUPPORT.NET

Universal Box 4.0 is a next generation high-end hardware with 8 connection cables for using in GSM services. Our hardware has finaly passed all Level2 factory test procedures and is ready for sale on worldwide market. Because on market we see only new Nokia phones which cannot be unlocked by UB v2.0 because they need Nokia flashing device we decide to upgrade UB v2.0 with Nokia Flasher. Of course we have made some corrections, so you will not get problem that our UB v4.0 with flasher does not work on your computer (it will work on stationary and laptop PC without any problems). At the moment UB v4.0 allows to unlock a lot of cellphones and has option to upgrade it with new mobile phone's cables and other accessories (Car Audio Read Device, SmartCard Reader/Writer) It's great option for people who don't have much time for searching other devices. Added 4 blinking diodes for Flasher working status. It's great if you want to see how flashing process works.

Front view of UB 4.0
For singalization of current work status we built-in four leds.
Two RJ-sockets. First is to connect wires for Dejan flasher mode, second is for f/mbus transmission.

Back View of UB 4.0
Special wide socket for data transmission
Power supply socket - this is an option - our box can work without power supply, but for your convinience we added cables to take power source from USB port.
Cables set
Unlock, data, flash, repair, change language - available thanks to this cables set.

As You can see it is made in professional technology. Well fitted and well solved.
Each connector has sticker with phone name, so it is easy to use correct one.

Main lead
One main cable is capable to support data transmission and power source.

Easy connection Just choose correct extension cable and connect it to phone.

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Professional SMD
PCB board is designed in SMD technology. Thanks to this our device can work very stable for long time.

We give 12 months warranty for our Universal Box 4.0 Please see our sales policy for more details.

These 8 cables included with Universal Box 4.0 are compatible with the following models:

No.Type of the cableSupported models
1.Alcatel OTEEasy/Club/Max/View/Pocket
2.Ericsson T2xR250/R310s/R320/A2618s/A2628s
T20/T20s(e)/T29/T20 World
3.Motorola T191Motorola T190, T191, C200
4.Nokia 51105110/5120/5130/5190/5210
5.Philips FisioPhilips Fisio 120 121 311 620 625 820 822 825
6.Sagem 9xx912/922 929/932/939/1126/3026/MY-X3/MY-X5
7.Siemens x35C25/C28/S25/S35i/C35i/M35i/A35/A36
SL45/x45 series/M50/MT50/A50
8.Siemens x55Siemens C55/S55/A55/SL55/M55

OPTIONAL cables - not included in standard 8 cables set:
Cable typeSupported models
Alcatel 320Alcatel 320
Alcatel 311Alcatel 310, 311
Alcatel 511Alcatel 511, 512
Alcatel 715Alcatel 715
Alcatel BH4 535Alcatel BH4 535 735
Alcatel BG525Alcatel BG525
Ericsson 3xxEricsson 3xx
LG 5xxx 7xxxLG G5200, LG G5220, LG G5210, LG G5300, LG G5300i, LG G5310, LG G5400, LG G7000, LG G7100
LG 8110LG 8080 8110 8120 8130
LG B1200LG B1200
LG 7020 4050LG C1200 4010 4050 7020 7050
Mitsubishi M320 FLASHMitsubishi MT560 (M320) i Alcatel 531 TRYB FLASH
Mitsubishi M320 UNLOCKMitsubishi MT560 (M320) i Alcatel 531 TRYB UNLOCK
Motorola E365Motorola E365
Motorola T191Motorola T190 T191 C200 C201 C205 C300
Motorola T205Motorola T205 T2688
Motorola v60Motorola T720 T720i T722 T722i V60 V60i V61 V70 T280
NEC N21i N223i N22iNEC N21i N223i N22i
Nokia 3510Nokia 3510 i 3590 UNLOCK
Nokia 6310Nokia 6310/6310i UNLOCK
Nokia 6610/7210Nokia 6610 7210 UNLOCK
Nokia 8260Nokia 8260 8265
Nokia 8310Nokia 8310/6510 UNLOCK
Nokia 8910Nokia 8910 8990 UNLOCK
Panasonic G60Panasonic G60
Panasonic GD35Panasonic GD35 GD75
Panasonic GD55Panasonic GD55
Panasonic X70Panasonic X70
Philips 350Philips 350 355
Philips 530Philips 530
Philips 630Philips 630
Philips GeniePhilips Genie i Genie 2000
Sagem MY-C2Sagem MY-C2
Samsung A460Samsung A460 A500 N400 N240
Samsung E700Samsung X100 S500 E700 X600 E100
Samsung S100Samsung S100, S105, S108, S300, S307, S308, V200, V205, V206, X105, P400
Siemens C62Siemens C62
Siemens ST55Siemens ST55 ST60
Sendo M550Sendo M550
Sendo S200Sendo S200/P200
Sharp GX10Sharp GX10, GX10i, GX11, GX12, GX13, GX20
Sharp GX30Sharp GX30 GX30i TM100 GX-30 TM-100
Sony J5Sony J5/J6/J7/J70 DATA
Toshiba TS21iToshiba TS21 TS21i
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Universal Box 4.0 includes:
  • Universal Box 4.0
  • 8 cables for connecting phone with BOX
  • powered from USB port of PC computer
  • special RS232/LPT cable to connect box to PC
  • user manual
  • 6 CDs with GSM software FREE with UB 4.0 !
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    universal box, universal, box, cable, pc, gsm, universal, nokia, ericsson, siemens, flash, unlock, mbus, fbus, box, 4.0, 3.0

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